Adel Al Wakeel Co.
for Engineering Consulting
General Overview

Adel Alwakeel Company is a Saudi Consulting engineering of highly experienced working in the field of design and project management, and the work of internal and external design firm, and the development of the construction industry requirements in the Kingdom.

From a humble beginning in 2012, the company just completed several projects in the private sector.

Adel Alwakeel company just acquired extensive experience in many of the projects implemented in residential buildings and commercial facilities.

Adel Alwakeel Company just participated in major projects that require a high degree of expertise and efficiency by investing energies for the manufacture of a difference in the reconstruction and real estate field through the development of our methods and continuous innovation, creativity and planning a renewed using the techniques and programs of modern for leadership in achieving the priorities and objectives of the client.

Adel Alwakeel Company acts as a representative of the owner during all phases of the project, where we have the knowledge, skills and expertise of engineers specialized in all areas to meet project requirements and client needs.

Adel Alwakeel Company team also has the quality of leadership and the ability to apply the basic principles to solve problems in new and unfamiliar situations which became distinctive feature of the changing environment in the construction industry.


To be the standard in all areas of our business into the future.

To be a true partner in the engineering and integration of the foundation pillars in the development and upgrading of architectural character.

We work with maximum power to transcend all boundaries.

  1. Effective contribution in the preparation and implementation of development and reconstruction plans in various fields.
  2. Take advantage of all the resources available for projects to get the best results.
  3. Control in the leadership of the project from the concept stage to the asset management and fill gaps needed to overcome any gap or obstacle expertise.
  4. Development capabilities and competencies of engineers courses dealing with the integration of scientific and practical experience
  5. Measuring customer satisfaction and provide better service to them than the first time and achieve their requirements, auditing projects and design management and operations of the quality management system to improve the administrative system and determine the extent of conformity of whether or not the elements of the project and the effectiveness of the system to achieve the company’s goals leading to improved productivity and profitability and develop the efficiency of workers and increase the confidence of customers by department audit and quality.
  6. Instilling values of connect and join to our customers.
  7. Expand our services in the region and the world.
Our Mission

To find the best way for continuous development and the full know-how through:

  • Ensure fast delivery.
  • Enhance the experience.
  • Transparent interface.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Cost control.
  • Improve visualization.
  • Enhance cooperation and coordination.
  • The development of efficiency and productivity.

Make the most of local and international companies and Saudi Arabia with the help of the hands of foreign expertise leader in its field in minimalistic.

Our Values

Empowerment, creativity and take responsibility, credibility and accuracy, stimulators, respect and loyalty, achieve comprehensive customer satisfaction, the Secretariat and loyalty, fair competition, quality and excellence, flexibility and support, expertise and efficiency, teamwork.

Our Begining
  • Eng. / Adel Khalil AlRahman Alwakeel
  • Bachelor of Architecture – Umm Al Qura University 1427.
  • Assistant Head of the Department of Building Permits municipality Aziziyah – the secretariat of the Holy City.
  • Director General of the Office (Adel Alwakeel for Architecture) 1433.
  • Membership in the Saudi Council of Engineers 1433.
  • Membership in the Saudi Quality Council 2013.
  • Chairman of (Adel Al Wakeel for Engineering Consultations).
Why Choose Us?

We use the latest technology in the field of science and engineering are following all that is new to help us to reach the top and keep on producing innovative works.


Pay special attention to customer service and complete their requirements and Ahtaajthm through the provision of specialized work team to communicate with the client and follow up the development of the project and keep the work on schedule and ensure customer satisfaction.


Creativity and innovation the basis of our work. We encourage free thinking and believe in freedom of expression in the team for their ideas without restrictions. Creativity appears on technical and substantive levels, for the production of unique projects for our customers.

Working As a Team

We work as a team in full cooperation and harmony environment, enabling us to reach a higher level of efficiency and productivity for the sake of customer service.


Electricity design, mechanics
and civil defense

Design all business Alaketromekanekal own public buildings, commercial and residential special regulations on hospitals, hotels, factories, according to the latest international standards and programs and modern design in this area lead to design excellence and achievement.

Structural design

Characterized by structural design in the company’s precision and innovation in all the projects, which include the high-rise buildings and dynamic design to resist wind, earthquakes and structural design of buildings with complex Ba use of modern programs in the area also offer technical support for the project from its inception until its completion.

Survey Section

Important large and supportive space basis in the study of most of the projects our company is considered including its human potential and spatial devices are fully prepared to carry out any work of surveyors assigned to it and accomplished fully in accordance with the local conditions and international standards accepted.

We have a full range of services to meet all your needs

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

It is modelling for building from idea stage through design and construction to maintenance.

Our company and the field of BIM

Since the inception of our company is dependent on software BIM. Services and solutions in the construction of 3D model started up operation and maintenance.

Our advantages in the field of BIM
  • Our company possesses distinct and specialized technical staff in BIM software and our experience enables us to deliver integrated BIM projects.
  • Convert any traditional building programs such as Alatokad to BIM project.
  • Have staff has considerable practical experience in the field of BIM allowing us to corporate training and substantive offices.
  • Providing solutions to reduce the high cost of building.
  • Analysis of the establishment to save time and reduce false business operations.
  • Reducing safety risks.
  • Use of the latest modeling and infrastructure programs to provide effective BIM Solutions.
  • Experience of working on projects of all levels.

Architectural Design

Architecture is the art and science of creating a better society and sustainable environments and beautiful people. Our design give rise for the integration of multi-disciplinary teams to look for alternatives, and the sharing of knowledge and imagine new ways to solve the challenges of our built environment and meet the needs and aspirations of our customers. What governs the architectural designs is our belief that the quality of the things surrounding us directly influence the nature of our lives, whether at home or the workplace or cultural buildings, or public space. The design of this concept includes everything from career and the environmental performance of the building down to its suitability physical and environmental context in which resides him where we give shape and meaning to the rooms and buildings in the design, through modern software and team work distinct and experience by working on many of the engineering and architectural projects in many areas.

Interior Design

Interior design is an essential part of all architectural design; where the maximum benefit from the bodies, and works Our team of specialists interiors with design groups in a variety of projects, to provide customers comprehensive and seamless service. It is through the application of knowledge and awareness of planning spaces, finishes, furniture, fittings, fabrics and finishes, and each detail of the building are studied and designed carefully and be subject to the same survey and development steps followed in the design process as a whole. The interior design group works closely with internal departments office.

Urban Design

Urban design team applied our holistic approach to the study of the city, and the discovery of patterns of behavior, and systems that affect the built environment, from the beginning of the real estate market and infrastructure until the bottom of the earth. The team relies on a huge amount of data employed in the design process. And test the effect of different configurations on the pedestrian activity and various activities. It helps the team analyzed the trends that affect cities today in the creation of societies for the future.

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