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Adel Alwakeel Group

Established 2012, and it was the start of fullfiling the saudiarabian markets, needs and dreams in designing and construction

and here we are continuing what we started by initiating a new phase of designing and construction

that we seek to make dreams become a reality with the least costs, expenses, highquality and technology.

Our Vision and Goals


we innovate in architecture designing beyond our clients imagination, we achieve that with latest technology in the field.


Pioneer in architecture field and uniqueness in construction field.


Innovation - Precision - Quality - Luxury

Our Companies


Hijazioun Engineering Consulting

With experts in the field and highly trained partners, we succeeded to fulfill the needs of the country in designing , managing and constructing for over 8 years and with over dozens of successful projects.

أودو • صورة ونص

Takamol Al Benaa for Construction

Contracting, construction and basic infrastructure all of these services we have been providing for the past 5 years with a team of the finest engineers and workers in the middle east region.